Pay Your Defaulted FFEL Loan

HESC makes repaying your student loan a fast, simple process by offering four (4) payment options. You can choose to pay online by credit card, have your loan payments automatically deducted from your checking account, HESC can print a check from your account, or you can make your payment by check.

Credit Card Payments

To make your payment online by credit card, log into your HESC account or continue as a guest to complete all required information and make your payment.

Credit Card Disclaimer hide

The New York State Higher Education Services Corporation ("HESC") is committed to providing its customers with the highest levels of service. In furtherance of this commitment, HESC is allowing student loan borrowers to pay the amounts owed on their accounts by credit card, using the Internet. HESC has made arrangements with Virtual Merchant, a credit card service provider, to provide these services.

Borrowers who decide to pay their outstanding loan debt by credit card will be asked by HESC to furnish to Virtual Merchant, the credit card service provider, personal identifying information: the credit card number and expiration date, the amount of the payment and payment application information. This information will be securely transmitted from your IP address directly to the credit card service provider. This information is not in HESC's custody. Borrowers who decide to proceed with the transaction will receive a confirmation number from Virtual Merchant, the credit card service provider, as proof of payment. Borrowers should also note that, following authorization of the credit card payment, the credit card service provider will forward to HESC only that information necessary for HESC to properly credit the payment to the borrower's account (i.e., identifying information, payment amount and application information). HESC will not receive any personal credit card information, such as credit card number or account status.

HESC is providing a data entry screen that will transmit credit card information to the website of Virtual Merchant, the credit card service provider. The decision to use or not to use the services offered by the credit card service provider is entirely up to the borrower and will not result in any special treatment from HESC.

HESC and the State of New York do not control the Virtual Merchant website referenced or accessed through the data entry screen or otherwise from the HESC website. HESC and the State of New York are not responsible for the content, privacy policy, security policy or procedures of Virtual Merchant's website, or for the content, privacy policies, security policies or procedures of any links contained in Virtual Merchant's website. Any questions regarding off-site content, privacy policy, and/or security procedures should be directed to those responsible for the website in question and not to HESC.

 Check here to confirm that you have read the information outlined above in the credit card disclaimer.

SMARTPAY Option - Automatic Bank Account Deduction

Having your student loan payments automatically debited from your checking or savings account is fast, convenient and free and offers many benefits including:

To set up automatic monthly deductions from your bank account, complete the SmartPay Enrollment form and return your form and a copy of a voided check by email to, by fax to (518) 402-3697 or by mail to: HESC, Cashier Unit, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12255

SmartCheck Option from your Checking Account

You can choose to have your student loan paid each month with checks that are automatically printed by HESC, from your checking account, on your preferred payment due date, at no additional cost to you.

To set up SmartCheck deductions from your bank checking account, schedule an appointment to speak with a HESC representative. During your appointment, the HESC representative will assist you in setting up this payment option.

By Mail

Borrowers can make checks payable to NYS HESC and mail to the following address:

PO Box 645189
Cincinnati, OH 45264-5189

To ensure proper processing of your payment, please include the payment stub from your invoice, or your name and full social security number on your check.