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Welcome to HESCweb Transaction Processing

HESCweb Transaction Processing is HESC's Web solution to your online processing needs. Authorized users have secure access to data, transactions, and reports in a variety of areas including Loans, Grants and Scholarships, and Default Management.

HESCweb Transaction Processing is available only to constituents who have been issued a valid User ID and password and are approved for secure processing with HESC. To learn more about HESCweb Transaction Processing and how to obtain access to it, call the HESC Help Desk at 1-866-431-HESC (1-866-431-4372).

Select a function:

Mortar Secure Transaction Processing
Authorized users can access secure application functions.
Mortar Forms and Bulletins
Information and forms for authorized EFAN users
Mortar HESCweb Online for DMCS
Authorized users can access DMCS transactions via an HTML client or Java applet.
Mortar TAP Award Calculator
The TAP Award Calculator asks a series of questions in order to determine a TAP Award estimate.
Mortar Quick Award Calculator
The Quick Calculator is a tool that asks three questions to quickly estimate TAP Awards.

Transaction News

Recent Bulletins and Announcements

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